Our Manifesto

We are Ali Pacha. Our name means the Universe of Plants in the native Aymara language. We offer cuisine based on plant products. Our aim is to become a benchmark for haute cuisine in the city of La Paz.

With our careers in national and international cuisines and our strong sense of responsibility toward the natural and social environments, our restaurant focuses on strengthening the link between the chef and our guests’ product awareness. We encourage them to understand that food is part of an extensive chain that involves a large number of people who make significant contributions to our planet’s sustainability and eventually impact our lives when we consume their products.

Our concept is to provide a unique dining experience, showcasing products that are not yet used to their full capacity, and taking advantage of Bolivia’s abundant varieties of plants. We want to create a balance between the nature of the product and its versatility. In addition, we provide the country with jobs, and we work in parallel with micro-producers to display the wealth of Bolivia’s natural products.

We offer a new dining concept in the old-town area, a few blocks from the Plaza Murillo, with the aim of reviving and enhancing downtown La Paz.


Team Ali Pacha